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Princeton Ethiopian, Eritrean, and Egyptian Miracles of Mary (PEMM) project
Ekaterina Pukhovaia

Ekaterina Pukhovaia

Arabic Translator & Researcher

Ekaterina (Kate) Pukhovaia is Assistant Professor of Ottoman Studies at Utrecht University and Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellow at Leiden University. Her research focuses on the political and social history of Arabia in the early modern period, specifically, the ways in which regional political balance was transformed during the expansion of the Ottoman Empire. She is currently working on her first book titled State-building in Yemen: The rise and fall of the Sharaf al-Dīn imamate (1500-1580). She received her PhD in Near Eastern Studies in 2021 from Princeton University. Prior to moving to the Netherlands, she was a Polonsky Fellow at the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute.

Kate Pukhovaia worked with Jeremy Brown on cataloging Arabic Marian manuscripts, translating Arabic stories, and assisting with translating Ge'ez stories that had been translated from Arabic.

pricenton ethiopian eritrean & egyptian miracles of marry project

The Princeton Ethiopian, Eritrean, and Egyptian Miracles of Mary (PEMM) project is a comprehensive resource for the 1,000+ miracle stories written about and the 2,500+ images painted of the Virgin Mary in these African countries, and preserved in Geʿez between 1300 and the present.

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