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Princeton Ethiopian, Eritrean, and Egyptian Miracles of Mary (PEMM) project

Ethiopian Manuscript Digital Archive, HMML Project ID EMDA, Manuscript No. 162

This Geʿez language manuscript was created between 1730 and 1755. This date is estimated, based on the reigning Ethiopian royal ruler's name appearing in the manuscript. The royal ruler's name mentioned in the manuscript is Iyasu II.

This manuscript's last known location (i.e., where it was microfilmed or digitized at some point in the past forty years) is the repository of Qarāneyo Madḫānē Alam Monastery in Gojjam Province, Ethiopia.

To view the manuscript, go to the digital copy.

This manuscript has a typical number of Marian miracle stories: 37. Also, 33 have stanzas or hymns at their end, marked with a in the table below, under Other Aspects.

This manuscript has a lot of paintings of Marian miracle stories: 53. To see the paintings in this manuscript, go to its PEMM Paintings by Manuscript page.

Fortunately, these paintings are digitized and available online in color.

This manuscript has a total of 138 folios and 146 scans. It has 2 columns per page and approximately 15 lines per column. The Marian miracle stories begin on folio 96v of the whole manuscript.

The stories in this manuscript were cataloged by Jeremy R. Brown. Assistance and/or typing of incipits by Beimnet Beyene Kassaye.

The PEMM abbreviation for this manuscript is EMDA (HMML) 162.

The Beta Maṣāḥǝft abbreviation for this manuscript is EMDA00162. Other shelfmarks and/or abbreviations for this manuscript include EMDA 00162; G1-IV-288; EAP 432/1/13.

Regarding this manuscript's repository:

The Ethiopian Manuscript Digital Archive (EMDA) at the Hill Museum & Manuscript Library (HMML) is a collection of several digitization projects that have been carried out in Ethiopia beginning in 2011. HMML has the largest collection of electronic and microfilmed Ethiopian/Eritrean manuscripts in the world. Locations for the EMDA project include Moṭā Giyorgis Church in Goğğām Province, Marṭula Māryām Monastery in Goğğām Province, Dabra Ḍaḥāy Qeddus Mārqos Church in Goğğām Province, Dimā Giyorgis Monastery in Goğğām Province, Na'akkweto La'ab Church in Wallo Province, and Qarānyo Madḫānē Ālam Church in Goğğām Province. There are currently 566 manuscripts in this collection.

For more information about understanding this table, see Using This Site.


Order in MS
Story Title
Location in MS
Story Recension
Other Aspects
Story ID
1Dabra Metmaq's people are shown a negative vision of the religious leader Muhammad (Mohamed)s. 19b-21b, col. 1, line 12-
ወበአሐዱ፡ ዓመት፡ ዘበዓል፡ ተጋብኡ፡ ውስተ፡ ቤተ፡ ክርስቲያ፡ ...
2Book of Felsata la-Maryam??: AOld?: Dormition: Plot: The Jews plot to burn the body of The Virgin Mary.s. 22b-24b, col. 1, line 11-
ወኮነ፡ ሶበ፡ ጥዕመት፡ ሞተ፨ እግዝእትነ፡… ፨ አመ፡ ፳ወ፩ለጥር...
3The rich man who angrily threw a loaf of dry bread at a beggar, cutting him, but was saved from hell by the Virgin Marys. 25b-27b, col. 1, line 12-
ወሀሎ፡ ፩ብእሲ፡ ባዕል፡ ጥቀ፡ ወይገብር፡ ተዝካራ፡ ለእግዝእትነ...
4Jesus asks the Virgin Mary what her greatest sorrow is and she replies saying these five sorrowss. 28a-29b, col. 1, line 101-
ወአሐተ፡ ዕለተ፡ ይቤላ፡ እግዚእነ፡ ኢየሱስ፡ ክርስቶስ። ለወላዲ...
5Bishop Hildephonsus of Toledo who collected stories and compiled them into the Book of the Miracles of the Virgin Marys. 30b-37a, col. 1, line 13-
ወሀሎ፡ ፩ብእሲ፡ ኤጲስ፡ ቆጶስ፡ ውስተ፡ ቤተ፡ ክርስቲያን፡ ዘሀ...
6A monk without food or clothes received a garment from the Virgin Marys. 37b-38b, col. 1, line 12-
ወሀሎ፡ ፩መነኮስ፡ ነዳይ፡ ወአልቦቱ፡ ሲሳይ፡ ወልብስ፡ ወይትአመ...
7The laborer who complained to the Virgin Mary because she did not reply to his Hail Marys. 39a-40a, col. 1, line 11-
ወሀሎ፡ ፩ብእሲ፡ ገባራዊ፡ ዘያፈቅራ፡ ለእግዝእትነ፡…፨ በኵሉ፡ ...
8An aged monk from Egypt whom the Virgin Mary made young agains. 41a-42b, col. 1, line 11EMML (HMML) 3872
ወሀሎ፡ ፩ብእሲ፡ በሀገረ፡ አክሚም፡ ዘያፈቅራ፡ ለእግዝእትነ፡… ...
9The monastic scribe who used to write the Virgin Mary's name in golden inks. 43b-45a, col. 1, line 12EMML (HMML) 3872
ወሀሎ፡ ፩መነኮስ፡ ዘይነብር፡ በሀገረ፡ ፊልጵስዩስ፡ ዘስሙ፡ ድም...
10The former pagan, the Bishop of Rome, who cut off his hand because of a lustful thought and the Virgin Mary healed hims. 46a-47b, col. 1, line 11EMML (HMML) 3872
ወሀሎ፡ ፩ብእሲ፡ እምጳጳሳተ፡ ሮሜ፡ ዘይብልዎ፡ አባስ፡ ወኄር፡ ...
11The Egyptian monk Issac who prayed every night for seven years that the Virgin Mary would appear to hims. 48b-50b, col. 1, line 12EMML (HMML) 5520
ወሀሎ፡ ፩መነኮስ፡ ዘስሙ፡ ይስሐቅ፡ ወያፈቅራ፡ ለእግዝእትነ፡… ...
12Maryam, an Egyptian child from Defra, who wanted to receive Communion but whose family locked her in the house when they went to churchs. 51b-53a, col. 1, line 11-
ወሀሎ፡ ፩ብእሲ፡ ፈራሄ፡ እግዚአብሔር፡ ዘያፈቅራ፡ ለእግዝእትነ፡...
13The French artist knocked off his scaffolding by Satan (who was angry because of how he was being painted) is caught by the Virgin Marys. 54a-56a, col. 1, line 11EMML (HMML) 6938
ወሀሎ፡ ፩ብእሲ፡ ሠዓሊ፡ ወአልቦ፡ ዘይትማሰሎ፡ በገቢረ፡ ሥዕል፡...
14Dabra Nagadeyan's dying monk prays in front of her icon to go to Jerusalem and the Virgin Mary takes him from Lower Egypt to all around the holy lands. 57a-58a, col. 1, line 11EMML (HMML) 5520
ወሀለወት፡ ሥዕለ፡ እግዝእትነ፡… በደብረ፡ ነጋድያን፡ በቤተ፡ ሕ...
15A young man who used to crown the icon of the Virgin Mary with rosess. 59a-62a, col. 1, line 11EMML (HMML) 3872
ወሀሎ፡ ፩ብእሲ፡ ወሬዛ፡ ዘሠናይ፡ አርአያሁ፡ ዘስሙ፡ ዘካርያስ፡...
16The two women who were attacked by robbers on their way to churchs. 63a-64a, col. 1, line 11EMML (HMML) 3872
ወሀላዋ፡ ክልኤ፡ አንስት፡ አእማተ፡ እግዝእትነ፡… መለኮት፨ በቤ...
17Dabra Qalemon's gifts from two Arabs who, journeying on the Nile in Egypt, fall into the water due to a storm and are saved from crocodiless. 65a-67a, col. 1, line 12EMML (HMML) 5520
ወበ፩እመዋዕል፡ ሖሩ፡ ኀበ፡ ምድረ፡ ሪፍ፡ ፫ሰብእ፡ አረባውያን፡...
18The church of the Virgin Mary that moved by itself to the shore of the Mediterranean Sea.s. 68a-69a, col. 1, line 11-
ወሀሎ፡ ፩ደብር፡ በሀገረ፡ ፅርዕ፡ ወኑኁመጠነ፡ መንፈቀ፡ ምዕራፍ...
19John Bakansi, the blind Egyptian monk, whose eyes the Virgin Mary healed with her breast milks. 70a-72a, col. 1, line 11-
ወሀለወት፡ ቤተ፡ ክርስቲያን፡ በሀገረ፡ ምስር፡ በስመ፡ ሰማዕት፡...
20The rich man from Colosse who was shot in the eye with an arrow while fighting the Qwezs. 73a-74b, col. 1, line 12-
ወሀሎ፡ ፩ብእሲ፡ በደሴተ፡ ቈላስይስ፡ ወሖረ፡ ሀገረ፡ ትርኵ፨ ከ...
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