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Princeton Ethiopian, Eritrean, and Egyptian Miracles of Mary (PEMM) project

Ethiopian Manuscript Digital Archive, HMML Project ID EMDA, Manuscript No. 237

This Geʿez language manuscript was created between 1650 and 1749. This date is estimated, based on paleography, a study of the manuscript's letter shapes, by Jeremy Brown and Stephen Delamarter.

This manuscript's last known location (i.e., where it was microfilmed or digitized at some point in the past forty years) is the repository of Dabra Ḍaḥāy Qeddus Mārqos Church in Gojjam Province, Ethiopia.

To view the manuscript, go to the digital copy.

This manuscript has a very high number of Marian miracle stories: 300. Of these stories, 3 are unique, marked with a in the table below, under Other Aspects. Also, 1 has a stanza or hymn at the end, marked with a in the table below, under Other Aspects.

This manuscript has no paintings of Marian miracle stories, but it does have 7 paintings of Mary and events in her life. To see the paintings in this manuscript, go to its PEMM Paintings by Manuscript page.

This manuscript has a total of 261 folios and 269 scans. It has 3 columns per page and approximately 30 lines per column.

The stories in this manuscript were cataloged by Dawit Muluneh. Assistance and/or typing of incipits by Bret Windhauser.

The PEMM abbreviation for this manuscript is EMDA (HMML) 237.

The Beta Maṣāḥǝft abbreviation for this manuscript is EMDA00237. Other shelfmarks and/or abbreviations for this manuscript include EMDA 00237; G4-IV-19; UNESCO 6-10.

Regarding this manuscript's repository:

The Ethiopian Manuscript Digital Archive (EMDA) at the Hill Museum & Manuscript Library (HMML) is a collection of several digitization projects that have been carried out in Ethiopia beginning in 2011. HMML has the largest collection of electronic and microfilmed Ethiopian/Eritrean manuscripts in the world. Locations for the EMDA project include Moṭā Giyorgis Church in Goğğām Province, Marṭula Māryām Monastery in Goğğām Province, Dabra Ḍaḥāy Qeddus Mārqos Church in Goğğām Province, Dimā Giyorgis Monastery in Goğğām Province, Na'akkweto La'ab Church in Wallo Province, and Qarānyo Madḫānē Ālam Church in Goğğām Province. There are currently 566 manuscripts in this collection.

For more information about understanding this table, see Using This Site.


Order in MS
Story Title
Location in MS
Story Recension
Other Aspects
Story ID
1Atrib's Virgin Mary Church and the monk who saved it with his prayers when its destruction had been ordered by the Caliph.s. 8b-12a, col. 1, line 30-
ንዌጥን ፡ በረድኤተ ፡ እግዚአብሔር ፡ ወበአኰቴተ ፡ ስብሐቲሁ ...
2Saint Abba Mardari the Righteous, who overheard twelve angels talking about going to Constantinople to hear Saint John Chrysostom praise the Virgin Mary.s. 12a-13a, col. 2, line 260-
ወኮነ ፤ ቅስዱ ፡ አባ ፡ ማርዳሪ ፡ ዘውእቱ ፡ ክቡር ፡ በኀበ...
3A wealthy man to whom the Virgin Mary appeared in the form of a bird to save the countryside from pestilence.s. 13a-13a, col. 1, line 90-
ወሀሎ ፡ ፩ብእሲ ፡ በአሐቲ ፡ ሀገር ፡ ወውእቱ ፡ ብእሲ ፡ ባ...
4Saint Paul is taken to the third heaven and there sees the Virgin Mary.s. 13a-14a, col. 3, line 270-
ይቤ ፡ ጳውሎስ ፡ እንዘ ፡ ይነግር ፡ ስብሐቲሃ ፡ ለእግዝእትነ...
5Saint Abba Besoy of Egypt's brother, Abba Bǝhor, a disciple of ʾAmmoni, sees the glory of the Virgin Mary in a vision of St Marys. 14a-14a, col. 1, line 60-
ወኮነ ፡ ሎቱ ፡ ለአባ ፡ አሞኒ ፡ ቅዱስ ፡ ረድእ ፡ ዘስሙ ፡...
6Book of Vision of Saint Gregory the Seer of Hidden Matters (of Roha, Syria) of the Virgin Mary in paradise [sinkessar entry?]s. 14a-15a, col. 3, line 200-
ይቤ ፡ ጎርጎርስዮ ፡ ረአዬ ፡ ኅብአት ፡ እንዘ ፡ ያየድዕ ፡ ...
7Giyorgis Haddis, the martyr, and his wife Sawla, who was visited by the Virgin Marys. 15a-15b, col. 1, line 220-
ወሀለወት ፡ አሐቲ ፤ ብእሲት ፡ ቅድስት ፡ ብእሲት ፡ ጊዮርጊስ...
8The history of Dabra Mahew near Jerusalem and its miraculous springs. 15b-15b, col. 1, line 20-
ወሀሎ ፡ በሀገረ ፡ ኢየሩሳሌም ፡ መንገለ ፡ ሄኖን ፡ በቅሩበ ...
9Awr, the sorcerer son of the princess and the magician Abrasit, who converted when confronted by the Virgin Marys. 15b-16a, col. 2, line 260-
ወሀሎ ፡ ፩ንጉሥ ፡ ውስተ ፡ ሀገር ፡ ዘይብልዎ ፡ ሙፃ'አ ፡ ...
10The Virgin Mary, as a young woman, cures the son of a Roman official in Bethlehem.s. 16a-16b, col. 3, line 170-
ወሀሎ ፡ ፩መኰንን ፡ ዘይደዊ ፡ ወልዱ ፡ ወእንዘ ፡ ሀለወት ፡...
11Book of Felsata la-Maryam: [Chaine Part 03] Dormition: A woman whose right eye had been blinded by a demon is healed by The Virgin Mary.s. 16b-17a, col. 3, line 70-
ወእንዘ ፡ ሀለወት ፡ እግዝእትነ .... በ፪ ፡ በቤተ ፡ ልሔም...
12Book of Vision of Timothy of Alexandria: Part 01 or summary?: The Virgin Mary appears to Patriarch Timothy of Alexandria, in the church of Saint Pachomius in Alexandria (see ID 231).s. 17a-17a, col. 1, line 120-
ወሀለዉ ፡ ብዙኃን ፡ መነኮሳት ፡ እምነ ፡ ደቂቁ ፡ ለአባ ፡ ...
13Book of Vision of Anthony of Dabra Qwesqwam: Part 1: Anthony starts to narrate about the Virgin Mary having a special connection to the monastery (opening)s. 17a-17b, col. 3, line 240-
አነ ፡ እንጦንስ ፡ ዘደብረ ፡ ቍስቋም ፡ ሖርኩ ፡ ወሰከብኩ ፡...
14Book of Vision of Anthony of Dabra Qwesqwam: Part 2: Anthony narrates about the Virgin Mary having a special connection to the monastery (cont.)s. 17b-18a, col. 3, line 50-
ይቤ ፡ ውእቱ ፡ ቅዱስ ፡ ዘርእየ ፡ ርኢክዋ ፡ ለእግዝእትነ ....
15Book of Vision of Anthony of Dabra Qwesqwam: Part 3: People come with their exhausted animals and the Virgin Mary annoints their feets. 18a-18b, col. 2, line 50-
ይቤ ፡ እንጦንስ ፡ ዘደብረ ፡ ቍስቋም ፡ እሙነ ፡ እነግር ፡ ...
16Book of Vision of Anthony of Dabra Qwesqwam: Part 5: Anthony asks the Virgin Mary why she blessed the feet of the animals before the people when anointings. 18b-18b, col. 1, line 50-
ይቤ ፡ እንጦንስ ፡ ዘደብረ ፡ ቍቁቋም ፡ ተስእልክዋ ፡ ለእግዝ...
17Book of Vision of Anthony of Dabra Qwesqwam: Part 6: The Virgin Mary has a bottle of oil and Anthony talks about this heavenly hall or chamber (concluded)s. 18b-19b, col. 3, line 220-
ይቤ ፡ እንጦንስ ፡ አስተርአየተኒ ፡ እግዝእትነ ... ጊዜ ፡ ...
18As a girl, the Virgin Mary gave water in her shoe to a thirsty dogs. 19b-19b, col. 2, line 20-
ወሀለዋ ፡ አንስት ፡ ምስለ ፡ እግዝእትነ .... ወመጽአ ፡ ከ...
19Book of Vision of Timothy of Alexandria: Part 01? or 02?: The life of the Virgin Mary to the birth of Christ.s. 19b-21a, col. 3, line 250-
ይቤ ፡ ጥሞቴዎስ ፡ ሊቀ ፡ ጳጳሳት ፡፡አንሰ ፡ ርኢክዋ ፡ ለእ...
20Saint John Chrysostom is given the keys of the kingdom by Saint Peter and the Gospels by Saint John the Evangelist and then the Virgin Mary appearss. 21a-21b, col. 3, line 260-
ወሀሎ ፡ ፩ብእሲ ፡ ሊቀ ፡ ጳጳሳት ፡ ዘሀገረ ፡ ቍስጥንጥንያ ...
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