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Princeton Ethiopian, Eritrean, and Egyptian Miracles of Mary (PEMM) project

Ethiopian Manuscript Microfilm Library, HMML Project ID EMML, Manuscript No. 9002

This Geʿez language manuscript was created between 1400 and 1400. This date is precise, based on the scribe noting the date in the manuscript. The royal ruler's name mentioned in the manuscript is Dawit II.

This manuscript's last known location (i.e., where it was microfilmed or digitized at some point in the past forty years) is the repository of Gishen Maryam in Ambāssal, Wallo Province, Ethiopia.

To view the manuscript, go to the digital copy.

This manuscript has a typical number of Marian miracle stories: 75.

This manuscript has no paintings of Marian miracle stories, but it does have 12 paintings of Mary and events in her life. To see the paintings in this manuscript, go to its PEMM Paintings by Manuscript page.

This manuscript has a total of 285 folios and 306 scans. It has 2 columns per page and approximately 23 lines per column.

The stories in this manuscript were cataloged by Vitagrazia Pisani.

The PEMM abbreviation for this manuscript is EMML (HMML) 9002.

The Beta Maṣāḥǝft abbreviation for this manuscript is EMML9002. Other shelfmarks and/or abbreviations for this manuscript include EMML 9002.

This manuscript was commissioned by King Dawit (r. 1379/80 - 1413) and was completed in December 1400. For many years, it was considered perhaps the first Miracles of Mary manuscript in Ge'ez. It is not the first, PEMM has catalogued two manuscripts which likely are earlier. However, it is the first known Miracles of Mary manuscript in Ge'ez with dozens of stories, many of which were copied and circulated for centuries. Mehari Worku believes that the translator for this manuscript was the famous author Giyorgis of Sagla (1363-1425), who was working at the court then as a author, translator, and preacher. The manuscript's story PEMM ID 122 documents a miracle that happened during the composition of the manuscript, which story also appears in Giyorgis of Sagla's biography.

Regarding this manuscript's repository:

The Ethiopian Manuscript Microfilm Library (EMML) was a microfilming project carried out in Ethiopia in the 1970s-1990s. The project photographed 9,238 manuscripts prior to its conclusion in 1994. The collection has over five hundred Täˀammərä Maryam manuscripts. This project revolutionized Ethiopian Studies through the thousands of manuscripts made available for research and the ten volumes of catalogs prepared by William F. Macomber and Getatchew Haile. There is no institution that holds a complete set of the EMML microfilms, although the majority of the microfilms are available at the Hill Museum & Manuscript Library (HMML). HMML has the largest collection of electronic and microfilmed Ethiopian/Eritrean manuscripts in the world. There is an ongoing digitization effort at HMML to make the entirety of the EMML collection available online in their Reading Room. View more information about collections at HMML, including EMML.

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EMML (HMML) 9002

Order in MS
Story Title
Location in MS
Story Recension
Other Aspects
Story ID
1Bishop Hildephonsus of Toledo who collected stories and compiled them into the Book of the Miracles of the Virgin Maryf. 134r-135v, col. 2, line 10-
ተብህለ፡ ከመ፡ ሀሎ፡ በውስተ፡ ቤተ፡ ክርስቲያን፡ ዘሀገረ፡ ጦለ...
2The sinful deacon who was healed from his illness by a drop of the Virgin Mary's breast milkf. 136r-137r, col. 1, line 20EMML (HMML) 2059
ተብህለ፡ ከመ፡ ሀሎ፡ አሐዱ፡ ዲያቆን፡ ውስተ፡ አሐቲ፡ ሀገር፡...
3The thief whom the king's soldiers could not kill by hanging because he prayed to the Virgin Maryf. 137r-138r, col. 1, line 120EMML (HMML) 3872
ወሀሎ፡ አሐዱ፡ ብእሲ፡ ፈያታዊ፡ ውስተ፡ ፍኖት፡ ቀታሌ፡ ነፍሰ፡...
4Sybil the prophetess saw a vision of the Virgin Mary holding her child within a circle around the sun and the Emperor of Rome erected an altar in his palacef. 138r-139v, col. 2, line 160EMML (HMML) 1573
ተብህለ፡ በእንተ፡ አሐዱ፡ እምነገሥት፡ እስመ፡ ውእቱ፡ ኮነ፡ ዓ...
5A sinful deacon assassinated by his enemies receives a Christian burial and is found with a flower growing out of his mouthf. 139v-141r, col. 2, line 20-
ተብህለ፡ ከመ፡ ሀሎ፡ ብእሲ፡ ዲያቆን፡ ውስተ፡ ሀገር፡ እንተ፡ ...
6The repentant knight who could only learn to pray the prayer of the Hail Maryf. 141r-142r, col. 1, line 140-
ተብህለ፡ ከመ፡ ሀሎ፡ አሐዱ፡ ብእሲ፡ አምሰብአ፡ አፍራስ፡ ከመ፡...
7The sinful deacon whom his enemies could not kill until he had confessed himself to a priest.f. 142r-143r, col. 2, line 130-
ተብህለ፡ ከመ፡ ሀሎ፡ አሐዱ፡ ብእሲ፡ እኩይ፡ ውሑደ፡ ሠናያት፡ ...
8Pilgrim to Santiago: Part 1: The bishop for whom the Virgin Mary tailored a new sackcloth sends a penitent pilgrim to Santiago (whole or opening)f. 143r-144v, col. 2, line 20-
ተብህለ፡ በእንተ፡ አሐዱ፡ ኤጲስ፡ ቆጶስ፡ ከመ፡ ውእቱ፡ ኮነ፡ ...
9A deacon prayed the prayer that contained the word 'rejoice' five times for the five joys of the Virgin Maryf. 144v-145v, col. 2, line 20EMML (HMML) 4618
ተብህለ፡ ከመ፡ ሀሎ፡ አሐዱ፡ ዲያቆን፡ ውስተ፡ አሐቲ፡ መካን፡ ...
10The pilgrim [to Santiago] whom Satan persuaded to mutilate himself after falling into a sexual sinf. 145v-147r, col. 2, line 80-
ተብህለ፡ በእንተ፡ አሐዱ፡ ብእሲ፡ ዘስሙ፡ ሕርንዳይ፡ ሶበ፡ ሀሎ...
11The priest who could only memorize one mass, the Anaphora of the Virgin Mary, and was prevented from performing mass by the bishopf. 147r-148r, col. 2, line 20-
ተብህለ፡ በእንተ፡ አሐዱ፡ ቀሲስ፡ ከመ፡ ውእቱ፡ ሀሎ፡ ውስተ፡ ...
12The knight who plotted to seduce the shoemaker's daughter, who had pledged her virginity to the Virgin Maryf. 148v-151v, col. 1, line 20-
ተብህለ፡ ከመ፡ ሀሎ፡ አሐዱ፡ ብእሲ፡ ሰፋየ፡ አሣእን፡ ወቦቱ፡ ...
13The Jewish boy who was thrown into the furnace by his father after he received Holy Communion with his Christian companionsf. 151v-153r, col. 1, line 90EMML (HMML) 1573
ይቤ፡ አሐዱ፡ መነኮስ፡ ፈራሄ፡ እግዚአብሔር፡ ከመ፡ ሀሎ፡ ውስተ...
14The pregnant woman who was caught by a wave while going to the church of Saint Michael (Mont Saint Michel) and gives birth underwater protected by the Virgin Mary's cloakf. 154r-155v, col. 1, line 10EMML (HMML) 1573
ተብህለ፡ ከመ፡ ሀለወት፡ አሐቲ፡ ባሕር፡ ዘተአውድ፡ ኵሎ፡ ዓለመ...
15A man who drowned when a pilgrim ship sank and was delivered unharmed to their destinationf. 155v-157r, col. 1, line 80EMML (HMML) 2275
ተብህለ፡ በእንተ፡ አሐቲ፡ ሐመር፡ ዐባይ፡ እንተ፡ ምልእት፡ ኵሎ...
16A divorced wife who prayed for revenge against her husband's new wife but was refused because the new wife was devoted to the Virgin Maryf. 157r-159r, col. 1, line 170-
ተብህለ፡ ከመ፡ ሀሎ፡ አሐዱ፡ ብእሲ፡ ዘኀደጋ፡ ለብእሲቱ፡ ወአው...
17A woman from Rome whose daughter returns to life for a day on the anniversary of her deathf. 159r-160v, col. 1, line 130-
ተብህለ፡ ከመ፡ ሀሎ፡ በሀገረ፡ ሮሜ፡ ብዙኃን፡ አብያተ፡ ክርስቲ...
18A widow who saved her only son from execution by hanging when she prayed to the Virgin Maryf. 160v-162v, col. 2, line 180EMML (HMML) 1573
ወሀለወት፡ አሐቲ፡ ብእሲት፡ ነዳይት፡ እቤር፡ ወባቲ፡ አሐደ፡ ወ...
19A young man who used to crown the icon of the Virgin Mary with rosesf. 162v-164v, col. 1, line 60-
ነገሩነ፡ ሰብእ፡ ምእመናን፡ ዘእሙን፡ ነገሮሙ፡ ከመ፡ ሀሎ፡ በው...
20The two women who were attacked by robbers on their way to churchf. 164v-165r, col. 2, line 60EMML (HMML) 5105
ተብህለ፡ ከመ፡ ሀለዋ፡ ክልኤ፡ አንስት፡ እንዘ፡ የሐውራ፡ በዕለ...
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